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HuddleCamHD-Live streaming with youtube live

HuddleCamHD combines PTZ video conferencing cameras with YouTube Live’s new video streaming service

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Philadelphia, PA – HuddleCamHD is a professional USB video conferencing manufacture best known for inventing the world’s first wireless USB conference camera, the HuddleCam Air. In a recent product release, HuddleCamHD has integrated their USB pan tilt zoom camera line with YouTube Live’s free video streaming services. This feature support provides expanded video conferencing and live streaming capabilities to their user base which is all free thanks to Google’s new live streaming platform YouTube Live.

Paul Richards, Director of Business Development at HuddleCamHD says “Integrating video conferencing with YouTube Live has huge implications for the online conferencing and webinar market. For one it can save businesses who are currently paying for expensive webinar or live streaming services thousands of dollars. It also opens up a new market of low-budget live streaming users. These users can be anyone from the next YouTube Star, to gamers, all the way up to corporate users broadcasting the latest product announcements. The potential uses for this technology are extremely broad.”

YouTube Live and Google Hangouts on Air have been used by the biggest stars in television including: Conan O’brien, Tyra Banks and many more. HuddleCamHD is providing solutions to incorporate video conferencing with up to 50 participants, using Zoom video conferencing, and live broadcasting that feed to YouTube Live. “Allowing up to 50 live video and audio streams to come together and then be streamed live to hundreds of thousands of viewers is the power of what HuddleCamHD is doing” Richards says. “The best part is that the solutions now cost next to nothing to get started. Once our users get started they come to HuddleCamHD for USB pan tilt zoom cameras to make the experience more professional. That’s where the market starts to get excited. For only a couple hundreds dollars we can produce live broadcasts that rival the television industry.”

Join HuddleCam Live for our live broadcasts every friday @

HuddleCam Training Webinar

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Hello HuddleCamHD Followers!

Take a moment to watch the HuddleCamHD Training Webinar for live test footage and detailed review of the camera line. PTZOptics and Unyfy were nice enough to include us in this wonderful reseller training session.

2.4 GHz vs Bluetooth

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2.4 GHz vs Bluetooth

Hello HuddleCam Followers!

Today we wanted to talk about wireless audio conferencing and the leading technologies behind wireless speakerphones. Most of us have used some type of Bluetooth device to wirelessly stream music or even set up a audio conference call. Bluetooth has been the standard for streaming audio and even two audio conference calls. But just like any technology Bluetooth is now becoming out of date as 2.4 GHz provides 100 times the bandwidth with increased reliability. With such a increase in technical specifications and horse power you would think this technology would be expensive right? Well the new HuddlePod Air starts at only $299 which is about $100-200 more than a traditional Bluetooth speakerphone. What is the difference? Let’s review some of the additional features you will receive with 2.4 GHz wireless receiver compared to a Bluetooth connection.

  1. Ease of Use: No need to pair a bluetooth device
    1. With a wireless USB 2.0 receiver your computer will automatically load the drivers just like a regular USB 2.0 webcam. Your favorite web conferencing software like GoToMeeting, WebEX or Zoom.US will automatically be selected as your audio device.
  2. Higher Quality Audio Quality
    1. With 100 times the bandwidth of Bluetooth the HuddlePod air is able to provide more reliable and rich connection for audio conferencing. Bluetooth is notorious for cutting in and out while losing quality due to the lack of bandwidth available
  3. Less interference
    1. Bluetooth is susceptible to interference from Microwaves up to 30′ away. With the 2.4 GHz spectrum the FCC requires the acceptance of interference.  Therefore the HuddlePod Air can intelligently “hop” between the available wireless spectrum to lock into the highest quality signal connection.

2.4 GHz wireless spectrum has 100MHz bandwidth pipeline. Bluetooth only has a 1MHz bandwidth pipeline.

Example 1: Hardwired USB 2.0 Speakerphone

Always the best quality, a hard wired USB 2.0 connection is ideal for the highest quality experience. Knowing this is not always possible or required we will dig into wireless technologies for audio conferencing below.


Phoenix Audio Quattro

Example 2: Bluetooth Speakerphone

Bluetooth is by far the most popular wireless speakerphone technology because of cost. The quality if fair but as you will see here it is pale in comparison to a hardwired USB connection. Later we will take a look at this same microphone hard wired vs bluetooth.


Jabra Speak 510 Bluetooth

Example 3: 2.4GHz wireless speakerphone

Now try listening the HuddlePod Air which uses a technology we consider superior to Bluetooth (2.4 GHz). This microphone is recorded “wirelessly” but it still maintains a high quality audio recording.


HuddlePod Air

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Far End Camera Control

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Hello HuddleCamHD Followers!

In this post we wanted to review a few ways you can gain camera control for a far end user. During a video conference call with a HuddleCamHD you can use both USB and RS-232 connections simultaneously for video and camera control. USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 will provide the video connection to your web video conferencing software such as GoToMeeting, WebEX, VSee or Zoom.US. Then you can use the RS-232 connection to provide VISCA commands over a RS-232 to USB 2.0 adapter with our control software. Take a look below at the latest VISCA control software.

Using the software outside your network

So once you have the software installed on a Windows PC connected to your network you can host a control page. You can host a IP Address available in any modern web browser or a IP client you can download and install on another Windows PC. Either way you will have access to the camera PTZ controls over your network. But what about outside your network? Well our software will automatically provide a outside IP Address you can use to connect! But you may need to configure your router and consult your IT team. These are a few of the options you can have to gain IP access to the camera controls remotely.

  1. VPN
    1. This is the easiest solution to provide remote access to the IP Address on your network. Remote users can securely login to your network and access the IP Address for remote pan tilt zoom control.
  2. NAT
    1. NAT stands for Network Address Translation. You can use NAT with configurations to your router to forward your internal static IP address to the far end.
  3. Dynamic DNS
    1. Dynamic DNS stands for a Dynamic “Domain Name System”. This system is ideal if you do not have a static IP address. You can use Dynamic DNS to provide far end camera control to your internal IP address for far end camera control with configurations to your router.

RavePubs InfoComm Exclusive with HuddleCamHD

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A big thank you to everyone who visited HuddleCamHD at the InfoComm Innovation showcase. This year there was only 20 companies selected to be part of the very first innovation area at InfoComm USA. Check out this video from RavePubs reviewing the industries top video conferencing cameras at InfoComm 2015. View HuddleCamHD live at InfoComm 2015 with ravepubs exclusive interview with Paul Richards business development and Matthew Davis lead engineer for HuddleCamHD

InfoComm Innovation Area

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HuddleCamHD is a professional line of USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. HuddleCamHD will be exhibiting at InfoComm 2015 showing off USB cameras from 3X to 30X optical zoom. The HuddleCamHD InfoComm booth is going to be a sight to see! This year we are going to be located in the Innovation Area booth 5585G. Check out our live demo’s of the HuddleCam Air broadcasting live zero latency video at 1080p video quality. Even through the 100’s of wireless access points and potential interfaces at InfoComm 2015!

Cameras on site:

  1. HuddleCam Air
  2. HuddleCamHD 30X
  3. HuddleCam 3X Wide
  4. HuddleCam 10X 720

Check out the video of our “HuddleCam Spire” which includes (2) 23″ LCD’s (not 32″ 🙂 ) to show the live video streaming using intel NUC i7! This i7 intel NUC PC is maxed out because we are using all (4) four USB 3.0 ports with (1) camera at a time. The Intel NUC has (4) USB 3.0 ports but we have noticed that only (1) camera from each that share a USB 3.0 chip can be shown in 1920x1080p video. If you attempt to show two cameras from the “same side” of the camera using both USB 3.0 ports one of the video streams will drop down to 720p. So there is a throughput issue with the Intel i7 NUC’s.

At the 2015 InfoComm technology show in Orlando, Florida this year, HuddleCamHD will demonstrate the brand new HuddleCam Air along with other USB video conferencing cameras. USB video conferencing cameras are an important part of the overall InfoComm show for anyone looking to integrate and use USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras with their projects. HuddleCamHD will have the following cameras on display: HuddleCam Air, HuddleCamHD 30X, HuddleCamHD 3X Wide, HuddleCamHD 10X 720 and even the PTZOptics 20X-USB. So this is going to be a really great show. You can see the HuddleCam Air in action on the innovation stage at InfoComm during the morning each day. Scheduled times are: 9:30AM on Wednesday, 9:30AM on Thursday and 1:30PM on Friday afternoon. At these innovation speeches you will get a live demo of the HuddleCam Air in action. The HuddleCam Air camera will set up at the booth and the receiver will taken up on stage to show zero latency 1080p video on screen. The distance between the booth and the stage will be approximately 50-75 feet with interference. The HuddleCam Air is built to accept interference even from the barrage of other WiFi networks.

If you can make it to one of our innovation showcase events please do. You can also schedule a meeting here for InfoComm 2015!

wainhouse research

Wainhouse Research Review’s the HuddleCam Air!

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So Wainhouse Research took the time to review the HuddleCam Air along with various other video conferencing camera!

… USB-connected, motorized pan / tilt / zoom cameras under the brand name of HuddleCamHD.  The product line starts with the HuddleCamHD 3X (3x motorized zoom – list price of US $399) to the newly announced HuddleCamHD Air (12x or 20x motorized zoom – list price of US $3,599).  In the weeks leading up to EC, CRS heavily promoted the Air as the first wireless USB camera on the market.  According to the specs, Air operates at 5 GHz and works at distances up to 80 feet (25 meters), which means it can replace wired cameras in most conference rooms and even some auditoriums.  Air also offers onboard streaming capabilities.  From WR’s perspective, the concept of a wireless USB camera is very interesting.  However, given the need for wired power and the relatively large size of the device, we question how many no-brainer applications there are for such a device – beyond the ability to avoid the dreaded video cable between the camera and the codec.

Read entire article here:

HuddlePod Air

Announcing the HuddlePod Air!

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The HuddlePod Air provides an affordable solution for Web Video Conferencing where high quality audio is important. At only $299 the HuddlePod Air provides Full Duplex wireless USB microphone with 3 individual microphones for a full 360 degree pick up range of 10 feet. The performance can be compared to the ClearONE Chat-150. This is a highly anticipated affordable wireless USB microphone that provides great quality and a affordable price.


  • Maximum 256 echo cancellation capability
  • Speaker with 12dB volume automatic gain control function
  • Max 18dB automatic level control to human voice
  • Intelligent noise cancellation up to 16dB
  • Application of digital EQ makes audio output more stable
  • Nonlinear echo cancellation to reduce residual echo

Summary Continued:

The HuddlePod Air is the ideal portable and wireless USB microphone. With 3 built-in microphones the HuddlePod Air takes advantage of a direct 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver. No work pairing bluetooth devices and no low quality audio. This wireless connection will change your opinion on “Wireless USB Microphones”. Simply set up your microphone and plug in your wireless USB receiver and you are ready to go. Your favorite web video conferencing software will automatically recognize the “HuddlePod Air” as your USB microphone device. It’s time to get rid of those messy cables!

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