HuddleCamHD Introduces Dual-Sensor Auto-Tracking Camera the SimplTrack 3 at ISE 2024

Elevating Educational and Stage Production Experiences with Advanced Auto-Tracking Technology

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, HuddleCamHD proudly unveils the SimplTrack 3, a cutting-edge camera that sets a new auto-tracking and framing technology standard. Developed in response to direct feedback from educational institutions, the SimplTrack 3 offers unparalleled tracking precision and flexibility in various settings, from classrooms to stage productions.

Paul Richards, the Chief Revenue Officer at HuddleCamHD, says, “At HuddleCamHD, we are passionate about innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. The SimplTrack 3 is not just a camera; it’s a two-camera designed for the education market. Its dual-sensor auto-tracking and smart framing capabilities are designed to bring a new level of engagement to remote learning and presentation spaces. With the SimplTrack 3, we are excited to offer a product that captures every important moment with HD clarity and enhances the overall experience for remote audiences. This launch marks a significant milestone in redefining video communication.”

SimplTrack 3 – A New Era in Auto-Tracking:

Dual-Sensor Auto-Tracking: The SimplTrack 3’s innovative dual-sensor system ensures accurate tracking of lecturers and performers while intelligently ignoring irrelevant movements and adapting to changes in height and position.

Smart Tracking and Framing: Seamlessly transition between tracking an individual and framing groups, ideal for dynamic classroom interactions and conference settings.

20X Optical Zoom: This feature brings exceptional clarity to every frame, perfect for capturing detailed views in large lecture halls or expansive stage settings.

Seamless System Integration: The SimplTrack 3 integrates effortlessly with leading lecture capture systems like Panopto, Kaltura, and Yuja, streamlining content creation for educators.

Zone Tracking for Comprehensive Coverage: Designed to give remote learners a complete view of important areas like whiteboards and presentation spaces.

Smart Preset Zones: Enhance remote learning experiences by clearly showcasing written content on whiteboards.

Dual Sensor Camera Stage Awareness
Dual Sensor Camera Stage Awareness

Transforming Presentations on Video:

The SimplTrack 3 transcends traditional boundaries in auto-tracking technology, making it an indispensable tool for capturing the essence of stage performances. Its ability to fluidly switch between solo and ensemble shots ensures every significant moment in plays, musicals, and ballets is captured with precision and clarity. The camera’s advanced tracking system maintains focus on the main subject, effectively filtering out background distractions.

Unmatched Precision and Clarity:

Whether for educational purposes or capturing the vibrant dynamics of stage performances, the SimplTrack 3 offers a level of tracking and zoom capabilities previously unseen. This camera captures the action and enhances the overall viewing experience for remote audiences.

Join us at ISE 2024 to witness the future of auto-tracking technology with HuddleCamHD’s SimplTrack 3. Discover how it’s reshaping the educational and stage production videography landscape at booth 5D530.

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