PTZ Joystick

Introducing the re-designed HC-JOY-G3 PTZ joystick controller from HuddleCamHD. This third-generation joystick includes everything you loved about our 2nd generation joystick with significant improvements for user experiences.


Six Quick Camera Select Buttons

Designed with a wide variety of PTZ camera operation environments in mind, the third generation joystick now features six quick camera select buttons on the left-hand side of the controller.



hc joy front
Menu options are displayed here
Lens Control: Focus+/-, Focus Lock/Unlock, Iris +/-, Auto Focus & Exposure
Three-axis joystick controller
Quickly swap between first 6 cameras
Preset & OSD Control: Allows for preset, speed, & OSD control
Numeric Keys: Numeric keys for presets, changing parameters, and more


Easy Joystick Camera Control

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Year Warranty

UPC: 737993161325
MSRP: $329

Please welcome our newest addition to the HuddleCamHD family, the HC-JOY-G3. It has received multiple upgrades to it’s predecessor, which you can see below.

HuddleCamHD cameras are the perfect cameras for professional video conferencing. Designed with a wide variety of conferencing setups in mind, there is a HuddleCamHD solution that will work for any situation. Offering superior quality at an affordable price, the entire HuddleCamHD line of cameras is easy to setup and ready to use in a matter of minutes.
PTZ Camera Operation
  2 Year Warranty
 Low Latency
  Power Supply Included
Plug and Play
  Universal Compatibility

Universally Compatible

All HuddleCamHD cameras have been designed for plug and play compatibility with web-based video conferencing software such as: Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEX or Zoom. Enjoy seamless integration even with live streaming applications such as Facebook Live.


Joystick Control

Control up to 255 Cameras

One reliable joystick to control up to 255 unique cameras via serial RS-232 cabling.


One of the most requested features is here! Four keys for quick keyboard switching functionality.

joystick camera protocolsIndustry Standard Protocols

Support for any mix of PTZ cameras that use either VISCA, PELCO-D or PELCO-P protocols.

Durable Metal HousingDurable Metal Housing

The HuddleCamHD second generation joystick is made tough for a wide variety of real world applications.

Works with every HuddleCamHD camera
HuddleCam-Compatibility CheckMark

This joystick will work with any HuddleCamHD camera using the provided DB9 to 8-pin mini din RS-232 cable.

RS-232-PTZOptics-Camera-ControlRS-232 Camera Control

Uses affordable serial control cabling available here:


  • Durable Metal Housing
  • RS-232, RS-422, & RS-485
  • On Screen Display
  • Variable Speed PTZ control
  • Iris, Focus, Home, Backlight, & Preset controls
  • 6 Camera quick select buttons
  • Activity LEDs
  • Easy setup
  • Three-Axis Joystick
  • No more useless buttons!
  • 2 year warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Connections: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422
  • Baud Rate: 1200-19200 bps
  • Interfaces: DB9 RS-232; 5SCT RS-485/RS-422
  • Maximum Cameras: Control up to 255 Cameras
  • Maximum Presets: Up to 255 Presets
  • Maximum Distance: 3,937′ (1200m) using 24 gauge twisted pair
  • Power: 6W (12VDC)
  • Working Temp: 14°F – 122°F (-10°C – +50°C)
  • Working Humidity:
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs | 1.6 kg
  • Dimensions (in.): 12.6″(W) x 7.1″(D) x 4.3″(H)
  • Dimensions (mm.): 320mm(W) x 181mm(D) x 110mm(H)

Frequently Asked HuddleCamHD Joystick Questions

Can this joystick control my Sony PTZ cameras?

This joystick can control most cameras with an 8-pin mini din connection using SONY VISCA protocols.

What cabling do I need to purchase to control my first PTZ camera with this joystick?

The joystick includes a DB9 to 8-pin mini din connection cable. But if you need to extend the cabling from your joystick to your remotely control PTZ camera you will need a DB9 extender. Consider learning about these cables at here.

What cabling do I need to control multiple PTZ cameras in a daisy-chain?

Most PTZ cameras have a PTZ camera control IN port and an OUT port. You can use these ports to daisy-chain PTZ camera controls without having to run individual cables to each camera. You can use what is called a “Cascade Cable” to bridge the IN and OUT ports of these ptz cameras. Check out the HuddleCamHD Cables page to learn more about our 8-pin mini-din cascade cables you can use to cascade PTZ camera controls with your joystick controller.

So far I really like the camera - we use it for streamed classes in a room of 20-30 people. It allows our teacher online to see everyone in the class without me getting up to 'steer' a camera angle

Keith Melaas, Oxford, MI USA

Easy setup, works a treat (very clear) with Vidyo, Skype etc. Lots of useful functions, pan, zoom etc. with a good sized remote.

Alan Courtenay from Auckland, New Zealand

We've been installing these for a couple of years so far, and they've been great. These nicely fill that niche between the clip-on 'skype' cams and the super high-dollar cameras that are simply more than many offices require. Always speedy delivery and we have yet to see a defect with a single camera.

Dave - Metro A/V from Herndon, VA United States