The HuddleCam Go

A Camera, Microphone and Speaker Combo

HuddleRoom Room Camera

Enhance your on-the-go or small meeting video conferences with the latest all-in-one conference camera from HuddleCamHD. The HuddleCam Go turns any Mac, PC or Chromium OS computer into a robust video conferencing system.



Single Cable Simplicity

A single USB 2.0 is all you need to connect video conferencing with crystal clear audio and HD video. The HuddleCam Go will delight users with the perfect combination of compatibility and ease of use.

hc go bk front
360° omni-directional microphone
1920×1080 lens
Shows status of microphone red/green/flash red/flash green
Change volume of speakerphone
Mute/un-mute microphone
Loud speakerphone
Connect HC-GO to PC
Setup your HuddleCam GO in less than 3 minutes!
See just how quickly your on the go video conference meetings will start with the HuddleCam Go. With a single cable for connectivity, the setup could not be easier
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Focused on Easy Meetings

You won’t believe how quickly your team will adopt video conferencing with a single USB 2.0 cable. No drivers or setup needed! With the HuddleCam GO the complete system has been designed around a single USB 2.0 connection. The USB 2.0 cable supplies power, video, and audio both ways. The GO automatically installs the necessary drivers for use with virtually any software.

Easily take the HuddleCam Go on the road with its small footprint and lightweight design. A rugged USB 2.0 micro cable is included for secure connections to any laptop, desktop or Chromium PC reducing clutter and streamlining meeting setup. Finally everyone can be clearly seen and heard during your video conferences.

  3 Year Warranty
  Super Wide Angle Lens
  360° Speakerphone
  Use with any Software
  LED Indication Lights
  Portable Design


As seen on Let’s Chat Live

Episode 1 features a live demonstration of the HuddleCam Go with Slack audio & video conferencing. Let’s Chat Live is hosted Friday’s at 11AM PST 2PM EST. Check out our next live demonstration here.

Works with Everything!

All you need is a USB 2.0 connection on your computer and the HuddleCam Go instantly turns into your camera, microphone and speaker. By integrating all your audiovisual sources into a single device the Go can intelligently use echo cancellation and noise suppression with a built-in omnidirectional 360-degree microphone.

SKU: HC-GO-BK (Black)
UPC: 737993160663 (Black)
MSRP: $329

Frequently Asked HuddleCam Go Questions

Does this video conferencing camera include a travel case?

Yes. The HuddleCam Go is perfect for on the go video conferences and therefore includes a neoprene travel case.

What do the LED colors represent on the camera?

Red LEDs tell you that the unit is muted. Green LEDs tell you that the unit is not currently muted. The green LED’s on the camera will blink once you have reached the maximum or minimum volume levels.


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