The Importance of the Right Video Conferencing System

In today’s connected business world, your business’ video conferencing system is a key tool for employees. With remote employees and clients based around the globe, the ability to be able to connect in a meaningful, face-to-face way is so important.

There are quite a few options for video conferencing out there. These options can range from the webcam on your laptop to a system that will cost you five figures or more. The problem with the traditional codec based solutions is that they do not perform that well and can make you and your company look unprofessional because they only work with other h.323 and SIP hardware. Today most modern video conferencing systems are computer-based and they leverage USB connected devices for audio and video. HuddleCamHD is a manufacturer that specializes in affordable USB based video conferencing equipment for companies that want to leverage cloud-based video conferencing such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams or Zoom Video Conferencing.

The HuddlePair from HuddleCamHD is one of the latest USB connected complete video conferencing solutions on the market that serves this purpose. This is a complete video conferencing system that is comprised of two essential pieces of technology that create a video conferencing system that will make you look good without breaking the bank. Here is what you get with the HuddlePair and why it is the best video conferencing system for your business.

Wireless USB Technology

The HuddlePair includes two pieces to technology and provides everything you need from a video conferencing system. With this system, you get the leading wireless USB speakerphone technology and a wide-angle HD webcam all delivered over a single USB 2.0 cable. This means you can use any Windows, Mac or Linux computer with a USB port and internet access to host your video conferences. Sure, you will want a computer that meets the minimum specifications for your selected cloud-based video conferencing software provider but that’s about it. A popular “soft-codec” computer option is the Intel NUC. These small windows computers are used in the HuddleCamHD complete system kits because they are small enough to be wall-mounted behind an LCD display and powerful enough to run almost any video conferencing software. Using a miniature Windows PC like this with USB video conferencing hardware is affordable and extremely powerful. When you are not using the system for video conferencing, your team can use any Windows compatible business productivity software as well. 

HD Webcam

The wide-angle HD webcam that is part of the HuddlePair is the perfect camera for video conferencing in small to medium-sized meeting rooms. It records or streams live video in high-quality 1080p HD and had a wide 106-degree field of view that is able to capture multiple participants in a meeting room, even if they are sitting in close proximity to the camera. It even works great in spaces not designed for video conferencing. The camera’s swivel mount allows you to adjust the angle of the camera no matter where in the room the monitor has been set up. The HD camera also has several additional options which make it incredibly versatile for whatever you need. These features include things like optical zoom and built-in microphones.

Wireless Speakerphone

Now that you can see your fellow video conference participants, you need to be able to talk to them as well. This is where the wireless speakerphone comes in. The HuddlePair’s speakerphone offers an omnidirectional microphone designed to provide a 360-degree pickup range in your meeting space. It also has 256 ms echo cancellation and intelligent noise cancellation up to 16-decibels so your meetings will sound crystal clear. Meeting participants can also quickly mute a conversation for privacy or adjust speaker volume during a meeting with the intuitive button interface on the Wireless HuddlePod Air.

The Benefits 

The technology you get from the HuddlePair is one of the great benefits of the system as is the price with an MSRP of $549. In addition to having all the tech you need at that price, there are some additional benefits as well that make the HuddlePair the ideal video conferencing system for your business.

Plug and Play

 You do not need to be an IT genius (or employ one) to use the HuddlePair. In fact, pretty much anyone can easily set this equipment up and use it effectively. All you have to do is mount the camera and plug it in with a single USB 2.0 cable. The camera easily connects to a PC, Mac, or ChromeBox without the need for additional software. It is a system that is ready to go right out of the box or at a moment’s notice.

Software Compatibility

Since there is currently no single standard for video conferencing in the business world today, another great thing about HuddlePair is that it is compatible with virtually all of them. You can connect with almost every online video conferencing software program without the need for additional drivers or proprietary connections. This includes all the top products on the market such as Zoom, Go2Meeting, Skype, Slack, WebEx, and many more.


The fact is you need a professional, high-quality video conferencing solution for your business. You do not want to break the bank to get one or have to employ an army of IT professionals to use it. That is where the HuddlePair from HuddleCamHD comes in. It is easy to use, easy to set up and is versatile enough to be used in any situation with almost any video conferencing software. It also comes at a great price. If you are looking for a video conferencing solution that will help your business look better and do business around town or around the glove more efficiently, check out the HuddlePair today.