HuddleCamHD combines PTZ video conferencing cameras with YouTube Live’s new video streaming service

Philadelphia, PA – HuddleCamHD is a professional USB video conferencing manufacture best known for inventing the world’s first wireless USB conference camera, the HuddleCam Air. In a recent product release, HuddleCamHD has integrated their USB pan tilt zoom camera line with YouTube Live’s free video streaming services. This feature support provides expanded video conferencing and live streaming capabilities to their user base which is all free thanks to Google’s new live streaming platform YouTube Live.

Paul Richards, Director of Business Development at HuddleCamHD says “Integrating video conferencing with YouTube Live has huge implications for the online conferencing and webinar market. For one it can save businesses who are currently paying for expensive webinar or live streaming services thousands of dollars. It also opens up a new market of low-budget live streaming users. These users can be anyone from the next YouTube Star, to gamers, all the way up to corporate users broadcasting the latest product announcements. The potential uses for this technology are extremely broad.”

YouTube Live and Google Hangouts on Air have been used by the biggest stars in television including: Conan O’brien, Tyra Banks and many more. HuddleCamHD is providing solutions to incorporate video conferencing with up to 50 participants, using Zoom video conferencing, and live broadcasting that feed to YouTube Live. “Allowing up to 50 live video and audio streams to come together and then be streamed live to hundreds of thousands of viewers is the power of what HuddleCamHD is doing” Richards says. “The best part is that the solutions now cost next to nothing to get started. Once our users get started they come to HuddleCamHD for USB pan tilt zoom cameras to make the experience more professional. That’s where the market starts to get excited. For only a couple hundreds dollars we can produce live broadcasts that rival the television industry.”

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