Introducing the HuddleCamHD Webcam

Wide Angle USB 2.0 Webcam


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Introducing the HuddlePair

Wireless Speakerphone & Webcam System


Better than Bluetooth!

Never pair another Bluetooth conference phone again!


For Meetings That Matter

HuddleCamHD Webcam

HuddleCamHD Webcam

USB Powered | USB 2.0 | 1920x1080p | 94º Field of View

Wide Angle 1080p USB 2.0 Webcam



USB Powered | USB 2.0 | 1920x1080p | 106º Field of View

Wireless USB 2.0 Spearkphone & Webcam System

HuddleCamHD™ GO

HuddleCamHD™ GO

USB Powered | USB 2.0 | 1920x1080p | 110º Field of View

All in One Conferencing unit with built-in microhone & speaker

HuddleCamHD™ 3X G2

HuddleCamHD™ 3X G2

3X Optical Zoom | USB 2.0 | 1920x1080p | 82º Field of View

1080p Conferencing Camera with 3X Optical Zoom for Small to Medium Sized Rooms



10X Optical Zoom | USB 2.0 | 1920x1080p | 57º Field of View

1080p Conferencing Camera with 10X Optical Zoom & built-in Mic for Small to Medium Sized Rooms



10X Optical Zoom | USB 3.0 | 1920x1080p | 61º FOV | Real SONY Lens

1080p Conferencing Camera with 10X Optical Zoom for Medium Sized Rooms. Comes standard with a certified SONY lens



20X Optical Zoom | USB 3.0 | 1920x1080p | 58º FOV | SONY Lens

1080p Conferencing Camera with 20X Optical Zoom for Large Sized Rooms. Comes standard with a certified SONY Lens



20X Optical Zoom | USB 3.0, DVI, 3G SDI | 1920x1080p | 59º FOV

1080p Auto Tracking camera with 20X Optical Zoom for Medium to Large Sized Rooms


HuddleCamHD Benefits

  • Professional Camera Line
  • Works seemlessly with the industries latest web conferencing software
  • Industries best camera control software
  • 2 and 3 Year Warrantys
  • USA Repair Center
  • Fast Shipping
  • Integration friendly
  • Detailed Knowledge Base

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HuddleCamHD New Product

HuddleCamHD Webcam

HuddleCamHD Webcam

94 degree field of view | USB 2.0 | 1080p | 3 year warranty

Professional USB 2.0 webcam with a wide angle 94 degree field of view. Ideal for personal conferencing spaces and small huddle rooms.

HuddlePod Air

HuddlePod Air

7 Hour Talk Time | USB 2.0 Wireless Receiver | Full Duplex w/ echo cancellation

Professional Wireless USB 2.0 Speakerphone using a discreet 2.4GHz connection for high quality performance during online video conference calls... Much better than Bluetooth!

HuddlePod Air Duo

HuddlePod Air Duo

Wireless USB 2.0 | Full Duplex Speakerphones | 8 Hour Battery

Two is always better than one. The HuddlePod Air Duo doubles the audio pickup range available with all of your favorite HuddlePod Air features.

HuddleCamHD Joystick Controller G2

HuddleCamHD Joystick Controller G2

Physical 3D Joystick Controller | Control any VISCA Camera | Durable Metal Housing

The HuddleCamHD Joystick Controller provides 3D Pan Tilt and Zoom controls along with fine tune settings for iris, focus and more. Control up to 255 cameras using RS-232 and VISCA protocol

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Choosing the Right Camera for Your Room

At HuddleCamHD we know that every space is different. That’s why we offer cameras with various fields of view and optical zoom options from 3X to 30X. For small rooms, we suggest the 3X for its wide field of view and affordable price point. The 3X is now available with built-in audio for an all-in-one deployment option called the HuddleCam 3XA. For medium rooms that are short and wide, you should consider a 3X Wide with USB 3.0. USB 3.0 will provide a noticeably higher quality picture when compared to USB 2.0.

USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0

USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. That being said USB 2.0 is much less expensive to run cabling for and does not require a quad-core processor for optimal performance. Currently HuddleCamHD offers a wireless USB 2.0 extension system called the USB2Air. The USB2Air is currently a Windows only device which can support up to 30 Megabits of bandwidth per second.

Installation Options

Any HuddleCamHD camera can be wall, ceiling, or pole mounted. We suggest using one of the HuddleCamHD camera wall mounts when wall mounting the camera. These camera wall mounts are made in the USA and include all the necessary hardware for installation to any drywall, masonry or US 2-gang wall box. If you are ceiling mounting the camera you actually have two options: you can use a pole mount or a flush mount. The flush mount can be installed directly to any ceiling with included the hardware.

IR Remote Control

Every HuddleCamHD camera includes an IR remote control which can be used for camera PTZ and configuration. You will notice each IR remote control can operate up to 3 cameras. There is a switch on the back of each camera you can use to set the IR receiver in situations where you want to control multiple cameras from a single IR remote. There is an on screen display menu you can use to fine tune your camera settings (on all cameras except 3X and 10X 720). Setting and calling a presets can be done by pressing the set button and the number you which to set the preset to. Then to call the preset you simply press the number button you have assigned, then press call.

RS-232 Camera Control

Every HuddleCamHD camera includes RS-232 control which utilizes the SONY VISCA camera protocol. You can therefore control the camera from a AV control system such as a Crestron or AMX touch screen. You can convert the RS-232 DB9 cable to USB and control the camera with our VISCA Control Software as well which opens up a host of new features. Once setup properly you can control the camera from any computer, smart phone or tablet on your network.

Complete Systems

HuddleCamHD now offers complete USB-based video conferencing systems designed to work with any online meeting software such as Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, WebEX and Skype. The HuddleCamHD Team and Team Plus systems are easy to install kits designed for video conferencing, live streaming, webinars, and more. Each system includes a fully configured Intel NUC computer with Windows 10, 8GB of Ram, a 256 Solid State Hard Drive and 4 USB 3.0 ports. These systems include everything you need for installation including all the necessary mounting hardware and installation manuals.


Every HuddleCamHD camera comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers any and all manufacturer defects within the first 2 years. The HuddlePod Air, HuddlePod Air BIG Audio, and mounts all include a 3-year warranty. This warranty does not cover actual end user damage. The USB2Air is the only product from HuddleCamHD that only includes a 1-year warranty. You may contact HuddleCamHD anytime for live support and technical assistance. Our knowledge and ticketing system is available for use at


HuddleCamHD offers all of the cables you will need for your next video project with the exception of USB extension systems. We do offer a Wireless USB 2.0 extension system called the USB2Air although please note this product has a 25 foot maximum distance and only works with Windows computers. HuddleCamHD cabling options are available in increments of 25 feet up to 100 feet. If your project requires longer cabling you can contact our team for a custom quotation. DB9 cabling camera can be used to extend the connection from your joystick to the first camera. You can daisy-chain this cabling to a 2nd, 3rd and 4th camera with Cascade cabling.


google hangout
MS Lync

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USB camera models
Full HD quality
Frames per second

Optical Zoom

The ability to zoom for a face to face meeting is important. Presets allow for easy meeting control.

Crystal Clear HD Video

Combine the high quality optics of HuddleCamHD with your favorite online meeting software.

USB 3.0 Video Conferencing

Lightning fast USB 3.0 speeds support full 1920x1080p video quality with any computer!


Whether you are using GoToMeeting, WebEX, Skype or MS Lync the HuddleCamHD cameras are a great choice.



Enhance online meetings


Simplify user experience


I'm really glad I spent the extra cash on the 12X... it's smooth, fast and clear!

Mark McGraw - Sandler Training

They did a great job in delivering my item. When I needed an RMA for one of the parts, they came the next day and replaced it for me. Thank you!

Samuel I, Westminster Theological Seminary

I appreciated the YouTube videos about the product and the comparisons too. They made me more confident about the purchase.

Jim W, Regina Dominican High School

Very easy to work with...

Bob C, Ludlow Composites

...a joy to work with. They were patient with all my questions and Patrick helped me via chat (which I prefer) to narrow down my choice to two different cameras.

Rodney M, Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association