Huddleshare Testimonials


So far I really like the camera – we use it for streamed classes in a room of 20-30 people. It allows our online teacher to see everyone in the class without me getting up to ‘steer’ a camera angle.

- Keith Melaas, Oxford, MI USA

Easy setup, works a treat (very clear) with Vidyo, Skype etc. Lots of useful functions, pan, zoom etc. with a good sized remote.

- Alan Courtenay from Auckland, New Zealand

We’ve been installing these for a couple of years so far, and they’ve been great. These nicely fill that niche between the clip-on ‘skype’ cams and the super high-dollar cameras that are simply more than many offices require. Always speedy delivery and we have yet to see a defect with a single camera.

- Dave - Metro A/V from Herndon, VA United States