Huddlepair Download

Wireless USB Camera & Microphone Solution

HC-HUDDLEPAIR737993162230$329Data Sheet | Manual

The HuddlePair camera features a wide 106-degree field of view capable of capturing multiple meeting room participants, even in close proximity to the camera. The HuddlePair features a 1080p video camera and is ideal for high definition video conferencing and recording. The included wireless speakerphone features an omnidirectional microphone designed to provide a 360 degree pick up range for your meeting spaces. With 256 ms echo cancellation and intelligent noise cancellation up to 16-decibel levels, your meetings will sound crystal clear. Meeting participants can quickly mute a conversation for privacy or adjust speaker volume during a meeting, all from the intuitive button interface located on the Wireless HuddlePod Air.

If your meeting space was not originally designed for video conferencing you can use the camera’s swivel mounting system to center the cameras viewing angle. even  LCD when the monitor has been mounted off-center. Want to add more Wireless USB functionality into your meeting space? Check out the USB2Air here for options that include more optical zoom with built-in microphone arrays with our 3XA and 10XA USB conferencing cameras.