HuddleCamHD Production Line

HuddleCamHD Production Facility
HuddleCamHD Production Facility

Check out the HuddleCamHD factory in Shenzhen China where the HuddleCam’s are made. As you can see the production capacity is over four thousand units per month. The HuddleCamHD Production Line runs six days a week to meet global demand for USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras used for web conferencing. To meet the huge demand we have continually ramped up production. End Users and dealers from around the world are continuing to use affordable USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras for conference rooms, training rooms and boardrooms to provide a high quality video conferencing experience. Gone are the days when a hardware based video conferencing codec is required for video conferencing. A simple PC or Mac computer leverage “cloud computing” can bridge video conference calls with thousands of users.

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