HuddleCamHD NDI®|HX Licenses

Upgrade Your HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 or HuddleView to NDI®|HX

Did you know that you can use NDI®|HX with the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 or HuddleCamHD HuddleView?
With the HuddleCamHD NDI®|HX License Upgrade, you can use NDI®|HX with the SimplTrack2 or HuddleView you already own!
HuddleCamHD NDI®|HX Upgradeable Cameras Include:

How Do I Upgrade My HuddleCamHD HuddleView or SimplTrack2 to NDI®|HX?

To start using NDI®|HX with your HuddleView or SimplTrack2, just follow these four steps:
Step 1:
Upgrade your SimplTrack2 or HuddleView to the latest firmware using our latest firmware files.
Step 2:
Purchase a HuddleCamHD NDI®|HX Upgrade License from a HuddleCamHD Authorized Reseller.
Step 3:
Follow the installation instructions included with your purchase.
Step 4:
Start using NDI®|HX!

Where Can I Get an NDI®|HX License for My HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 or HuddleCamHD HuddleView?

HuddleCamHD NDI®|HX licenses are available through HuddleCamHD Authorized Resellers worldwide, including:


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