InfoComm Innovation Area

HuddleCamHD is a professional line of USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. HuddleCamHD will be exhibiting at InfoComm 2015 showing off USB cameras from 3X to 30X optical zoom. The HuddleCamHD InfoComm booth is going to be a sight to see! This year we are going to be located in the Innovation Area booth 5585G. Check out our live demo’s of the HuddleCam Air broadcasting live zero latency video at 1080p video quality. Even through the 100’s of wireless access points and potential interfaces at InfoComm 2015!

Cameras on site:

  1. HuddleCam Air
  2. HuddleCamHD 30X
  3. HuddleCam 3X Wide
  4. HuddleCam 10X 720

Check out the video of our “HuddleCam Spire” which includes (2) 23″ LCD’s (not 32″ 🙂 ) to show the live video streaming using intel NUC i7! This i7 intel NUC PC is maxed out because we are using all (4) four USB 3.0 ports with (1) camera at a time. The Intel NUC has (4) USB 3.0 ports but we have noticed that only (1) camera from each that share a USB 3.0 chip can be shown in 1920x1080p video. If you attempt to show two cameras from the “same side” of the camera using both USB 3.0 ports one of the video streams will drop down to 720p. So there is a throughput issue with the Intel i7 NUC’s.

At the 2015 InfoComm technology show in Orlando, Florida this year, HuddleCamHD will demonstrate the brand new HuddleCam Air along with other USB video conferencing cameras. USB video conferencing cameras are an important part of the overall InfoComm show for anyone looking to integrate and use USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras with their projects. HuddleCamHD will have the following cameras on display: HuddleCam Air, HuddleCamHD 30X, HuddleCamHD 3X Wide, HuddleCamHD 10X 720 and even the PTZOptics 20X-USB. So this is going to be a really great show. You can see the HuddleCam Air in action on the innovation stage at InfoComm during the morning each day. Scheduled times are: 9:30AM on Wednesday, 9:30AM on Thursday and 1:30PM on Friday afternoon. At these innovation speeches you will get a live demo of the HuddleCam Air in action. The HuddleCam Air camera will set up at the booth and the receiver will taken up on stage to show zero latency 1080p video on screen. The distance between the booth and the stage will be approximately 50-75 feet with interference. The HuddleCam Air is built to accept interference even from the barrage of other WiFi networks.

If you can make it to one of our innovation showcase events please do. You can also schedule a meeting here for InfoComm 2015!