Announcing the HuddlePod Air!

The HuddlePod Air provides an affordable solution for Web Video Conferencing where high quality audio is important. At only $299 the HuddlePod Air provides Full Duplex wireless USB microphone with 3 individual microphones for a full 360 degree pick up range of 10 feet. The performance can be compared to the ClearONE Chat-150. This is a highly anticipated affordable wireless USB microphone that provides great quality and a affordable price.


  • Maximum 256 echo cancellation capability
  • Speaker with 12dB volume automatic gain control function
  • Max 18dB automatic level control to human voice
  • Intelligent noise cancellation up to 16dB
  • Application of digital EQ makes audio output more stable
  • Nonlinear echo cancellation to reduce residual echo

Summary Continued:

The HuddlePod Air is the ideal portable and wireless USB microphone. With 3 built-in microphones the HuddlePod Air takes advantage of a direct 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver. No work pairing bluetooth devices and no low quality audio. This wireless connection will change your opinion on “Wireless USB Microphones”. Simply set up your microphone and plug in your wireless USB receiver and you are ready to go. Your favorite web video conferencing software will automatically recognize the “HuddlePod Air” as your USB microphone device. It’s time to get rid of those messy cables!